Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Day at the Doctors

Baby M and I spent most of Wednesday at the Children's complex going to two different doctors. Here's a picture of M before the first appointment looking out from the 5th floor of the new doctor's building.

She had to had blood drawn and she didn't even cry! Just stuck out her lip and pouted a little bit. Here's a picture of her little arm wrap which she really wanted off.

Here are a couple more pictures of M in a chair like a big girl and playing in the lobby. So we finally got home at 3:30 and we were both exhausted and took a nap.



  1. Janell, First of all baby M is so cute!!! My mom has neurofibromatosis... I won't write out all of the details here, but if you want to hear about her story I'd be happy to share with you all! My email is suzspeaks at me dot com...

    I'll be praying for her health!

  2. I have NF and so do several of my family members , it can be inherited or a new mutation.
    My grandfather lived till his mid 70's without any problems but the lumps.

    My 3yr son has NF too. It is very important too, to get her eyes checked for a tumour on the optic nerve. It occurs mostly in young children , if it does, as not everyone with NF gets this. NF is so variable and can be mild to moderate even in the same family.

    It is actually a very common disorder 1/3000 but you wouldn't know most people had it if you saw them walking down the street or even if you sat next to them on a bus ... unless you knew what to look for and looked closely.

    I wish baby M all the very best.She is gorgeous. It is quite scary when you first read the complications.

  3. I had read that it is quite common, and that 60% of the cases never develop into more than a few small tumors and the brown spots. We are going to check out her eyes in about 6 months to see if she has the nodules on them.

  4. What a precious and brave little one!! Keep us posted! We'll keep sweet M in our prayers!