Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall is here!

Memorial Road had their fall festival for the kids tonight after church. All the little kids dress up for the evening and it's so fun to see them all in their cute little costumes. Baby M dressed up like a ladybug. I can't show you the pictures with her full face showing, but at least the pictures that usually get deleted can be used this way! Here she is in her ladybug costume in front of the picture prop. Yesterday I tried putting her hair up in doggie ears and this is the result. She loves her new Disney princess ball too!

Last week we went to Tulsa to visit Kendall and Avery and visited the pumpkin patch in Bixby. It's the same one I used to take Bailey, Avery & Madison to when we lived there and they were little. Baby M wasn't too crazy about sitting amongst the pumpkins!


  1. Too bad you can't show that sweet face! Glad you came!

  2. I can see that she is precious and BEAUTIFUL, even without seeing her full face! :)