Monday, September 7, 2009

Scumbag Tribute

While this title may seem a bit funny, unfortunately this is a sad posting. Gary has been in a group of 7 guys who were friends in college who called themselves the Scumbags. They had gotten together yearly for the last 20-25 years for a guys weekend. Ken Veteto was the main instigator of this group and would plan the trips for them every year. Tragically, Ken was killed in a small plane crash last Saturday along with another family from the Park Plaza Church of Christ in Tulsa. He had called Gary in August on Gary's 50th birthday starting to plan the get together for this fall. He was one of the good guys, really funny and a great doctor. He will be missed by all his patients, co-workers, fellow church members, friends and family and his fellow Scumbags and their families. Every year his dad, Max, would draw caricatures of the guys and they made t-shirts. Max passed away a few years ago and Ken took over the art work. The picture above is the drawing from last year, the guys in Ken's prized Camaro. Top row is Bradley Hemphill, Gary Jones, Larry Bailey, Tim White. Bottom row (l to r) Gary Huntsman, Nathan Parker, Ken Veteto.
Our prayers and thoughts are with Carrie, Cody & Carissa. We will all miss you Ken and your great sense of humor, but someday there will be a Scumbag reunion in Heaven!


  1. That is really special. So sorry for the loss of a good friend in such a sudden, tragic way.

  2. It was sad, I feel so bad for Carrie. She's had a lot of tragedy, their son Cody has nearly died twice and now this. Did you know her in high school? She grew up in Edmond, Carrie Smith, they went to Edmond church.

    By the way, what were you doing up at 5:57 a.m.?

  3. Hello Janell,

    You are the winner of the Kenneth Brown Baby Giveaway on Piece Of Me. I don't have you email address so you need to contact me within the next 48 hours to claim your prize. My email address is livlifelov at yahoo dot com. I hope to hear from you soon!

  4. ok, its been about a month since your last post, its time for another!